Fighting Run

Fighting Run is simultaneously a game that’s a gigantic pain in the rear and also one that I kinda love. Everything about this game is just so dang cool! The aesthetics create an environment that’s both grim and silly, the concept is something that so rarely gets an entire game dedicated to it, and the mechanics leave a ton of potential for an indie developer to build upon and the foundation for a passionate competitive community to take root in. If this game was something people were aware of and if it was just a bit more polished, I seriously think it could be a proper cult hit!

Melpool Land

I really wish there was more to this one because on the surface, it’s quite the charmer. I get the impression there isn’t a single bad looking PC-98 game out there and this game is no exception to that assumption. Melpool Land seems like such a gorgeous, evocative world with fascinating characters from wildly different backgrounds, but a sampler of a game like this isn’t enough to make any of that sing. It’s a cute bonus alongside other things, but it still feels like it could offer so much more. As it is, it's a game worth playing for its gorgeous visuals and not much else. At least it'll only take you about 6 minutes!