A Drawing’s Journey

There's truly infinite potential with an idea like the World of Drawings, so it would have been nice to see it pushed harder here. As it is, A Drawing's Journey is a game that's unfortunately one I wouldn't recommend. Its gameplay is tedious and full of needless misdirection, its story is unfulfilling and rings hollow when it tries to make a big play at the end, and the whole thing just bums me out because it's nice to see small projects like this succeed. Having played it myself, I suppose I'm not surprised to see that the few people who bought it seemingly never made it far - I highly doubt normal people would stick with that nonsense battery puzzle as long as I did!

Suishou no Dragon

Experimentation has always been in Square's DNA, which makes their back catalog fascinating to explore. Suishou no Dragon is strange even for their standards, though; what if you made an 80s adventure game with no music, slim amounts of dialogue and few NPCs, progression that rarely takes too much effort, and a runtime of less than an hour? Suishou no Dragon is a game that'll leave you feeling all kinds of ways by the end because nothing about it feels like it should be how it is. And yet, it is most certainly the way that it is! This is a game that I'd love to love, but there's so little to hold onto that even its most interesting qualities struggle to overcome how inconsequential it ends up feeling.