Mangia' is both exactly what you see at first glance and more than it first appears. This is absolutely a game about eating pasta forever in a room with an incredibly annoying beeping sound that you can't escape, but it's also a game that requires a methodical approach rarely seen in games of its time. Mangia' has a uncommon ebb and flow to it, one that requires fast action mixed in with contemplation and waiting for exactly the right moment to take action. It's a simple, charming concept that can engage you for hours with its hidden depth if you really enjoy it, which is the kind of game that really highlights the strengths of the Atari 2600.

3DO Sampler CD

People don't tend to think much about things like demo discs nowadays beyond the occasional rush of nostalgia, but they do have their place in history. Samplers and the like can be used to recall what people were hyped about at the time or what the console manufacturer thought the defining features and games of a console would be. They were opportunities for gamers to get a taste of what the future had in store for them and a way for them to plan out future purchases in a way that was more hands-on than taking the word of a gaming magazine or a friend. I have to admit that I don't frequently revisit demo discs or samplers, but checking this one out really has me realizing that I've been underestimating them and their potential all this time. There's a lot of neat and curious stuff on this disc!