Mangia' is both exactly what you see at first glance and more than it first appears. This is absolutely a game about eating pasta forever in a room with an incredibly annoying beeping sound that you can't escape, but it's also a game that requires a methodical approach rarely seen in games of its time. Mangia' has a uncommon ebb and flow to it, one that requires fast action mixed in with contemplation and waiting for exactly the right moment to take action. It's a simple, charming concept that can engage you for hours with its hidden depth if you really enjoy it, which is the kind of game that really highlights the strengths of the Atari 2600.

Super Metal Crusher

Super Metal Crusher is an impressively ambitious idea for 1991 that tragically falls flat on its face. The sheer number of attributes and options you have at your disposal mean nothing when you're expected to watch your robot wander about and hope for the best. A startling lack of gameplay variety and reasons to learn how the game works makes the experience lose its shine very quickly, but to its benefit, there's little else out there like it...