The Amazing Spider-Man: Web of Fire

Web of Fire is clearly not a perfectly balanced experience, that's for sure, but it was trying things, and I always appreciate that! Its dark tone, while not something I'd always want to see, really stands out and that tone is used to bolster its environments to an impressive degree. The game is fine enough for a quick playthrough, but it feels like it's missing just one more ingredient to really make the premise shine. The story is too minimal and underutilizes the captivating idea of a situation where the villains have the advantage, Daredevil is barely in the game, the music ranges from solid tone-setters to sounding like a GEMS-infused nightmare and flips between the two on a dime, and the combat is either all too easy to ignore or too simple to remain compelling for long unless you really enjoy cheesing dudes against a wall. I suppose I can see why this one's considered a stinker to many and why it didn't exactly change the 32X's fortunes at the very end, but I do think there's some stuff here that deserves proper credit.

Stellar Assault

Stellar Assault is a game that makes a great case for the 32X - it's gorgeous, technically impressive, robust in its features, and plays very solidly. The action is smooth and exciting while also being easy to get into and there was tons of care put into its visuals, both in the personality of the ships and how the beauty and vastness of space is depicted. The 32X isn't a console that gets much love at all, but Stellar Assault is the kind of game that'll make you re-evaluate its place in history and learn to think of it as more than just a "failure"...