Astro Marine Corps

I think people who enjoy seeing consoles and computers pushed to their limits in clever ways will find a lot to like here if they can put themselves outside of their comfort zone. So much of the run and gun genre seeks to empower the player with similar types of power fantasies and make the player feel like a one man army, but AMC turns that idea right on its head. You think you’re getting Predator or the later Rambo movies or something, but it turns out you’re actually getting The Thing in AMC 1 and some good old fashioned cosmic horror in AMC 2!

Golf-kko Open

There aren't many English sources or reviews on this game, and those that exist tend to be outright dismissive towards it, thinking it to be nothing more than "just another golf game". And to an extent, I don't blame them! For the most part, Golf-kko Open IS "just another golf game". But if you're able to crack the code and figure out what kind of game this really is, you'll find that there's more to it than meets the eye...