Ephemeral Enigmas, as the name (hopefully!) implies, is a blog about the obscure, the forgotten, and the unlucky games that have long since faded from the public consciousness. So many games, regardless of their quality, are abandoned so quickly, destined to never be mentioned again in the face of the constant stream of hot new game releases. Because of how many games there are out there, only a scant few titles are lucky enough to make a lasting impression with the majority of people, but to me, it gets boring talking about the same handful of games over and over again. That’s why I want to do my part to try and make conversations more varied and interesting. On this blog, anything goes, and any game that gets selected for this blog will get a thorough and personal evaluation, one that will hopefully inspire at least one person to give them a chance and broaden their horizons. Gaming is such a diverse, fascinating space full of creativity and I want to help as many people as possible recognize just how deep it goes.

Things to Know

  • Anything goes! Mostly… Games will be picked for this blog at random based on an alarmingly large list of over 2000 games that I have determined fit the objective of this blog. If you’ve got any suggestions, feel free to let me know and I’ll add them to the list if they fit and aren’t already there (the list and a contact form will be lower down on this page). Generally, I’m looking to stick to obscure, forgotten games that you rarely if ever hear about on places like Twitter and Reddit, so don’t expect coverage of things like first party Nintendo games or Dark Souls. Under certain circumstances, things like interesting gifts I receive, new releases that I’m confident won’t get much discussion at all and plan on playing ASAP, and games that are part of an ongoing series I’m covering will be picked intentionally and not at random. Once these exceptions get taken care of, topics will resume being chosen at random. For special occasions (or if I just feel like it), I may attempt posts that do something different than my typical coverage, so look forward to the rare surprise.
  • New blog posts will (usually) go up once a week every Tuesday. In the interest of covering as much as I feasibly can, I’d like to try and update every week. However, life comes at you fast and things happen, so there will surely be times where posts will be delayed to accommodate life events. I may also take my time and delay posts if I happen to be covering something like a RPG that requires more time than the typical game in order to make sure I complete the game first. Without exception, I refuse to write about any games that I haven’t rolled the credits on (100% completion isn’t a requirement, though I strive to do as much as possible in most games). RPGs are my favorite genre and I hope to write about them often, so I want to do them as much justice as possible.
  • Any screenshots on this blog will be ones that I personally took. Any sources referenced for information will be credited accordingly in the post text and/or at the end of the post. If I happen to miss any credits or make a mistake, please let me know and I’ll gladly fix it.
  • Spoilers can and will be present for every game covered. I normally don’t like to spoil things for others, but if I’m to be as thorough as possible and provide a sufficient level of analysis, I need to be able to talk about anything and everything that a game has to offer. For games where the story is a significant factor, I’ll provide another warning in the post itself.
  • Don’t expect pure positivity or negativity for the games covered here. Due to how wildly the games I play will vary, there’s going to be times where I play games that I love and games that I strongly dislike. I will be honest with how I feel about a game even if my opinion goes against the general consensus (if one even exists). I don’t want to gush about every game like it’s a secret masterpiece nor do I want to be somebody who hates everything they touch. Regardless of the outcome, please know that my opinions aren’t “objectively correct”; they’re just Some Guy’s take on a video game, so don’t sweat it if I disagree with you on something, we’re both equally valid!

If you’d like to see the Big Ol’ List of potential topics, click here.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or just have something you want to say, feel free to let me know below!